When looking at the trajectory of each artist’s career, one necessarily thinks about the lasting and transient values of art within time.

Aram Isabekyan’s career spans over 40 years, during which paintings and drawings were created. He is widely acknowledged to be a distinguished representative of contemporary Armenian art, both in Armenia and abroad.

On his way to artistic quests and self-fulfillment, the artist had to overcome the impact of his talented parents, artists Edward Isabekyan and Arpenik Nalbandian’s direct and powerful art and find his own distinctive style. However, talent is not sufficient to achieve it without devotion, painstaking and consistent work.

Laconism, solid and precise compositional structure, completeness of treatment of separate elements as well as a saturated colour scheme is typical of the artist, who entered the artistic scene in the 1970s. These features reveal peculiarities of Aram Isabekyan’s pictorial thinking, artistic style and the wide range of interests. In the course of time they have been enriched and crystallized, becoming an integral part of Isabekyan’s artistic system.

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